The EU Cookie Law
As of Saturday 26th May 2012, an EU Cookie Law was put in place. This law means that companies must gain the consent of web users before serving them web cookies.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a very simple text file that gets downloaded onto your PC when you visit a website. They generally contain two bits of information: a site name and a unique user ID. Once the cookie is on your computer, the site “knows” that you have been there before and can then use that knowledge to tailor the experience that you have.

How we are complying with the EU Cookie Law

The new EU Cookie Law means that we must ask permission for the ability to use cookies, as well as tell you which cookies we are using.

By default, we use cookies on this website assuming that you have no quarrels with them. However, if you would like to turn them off, please find out how at the following site