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Digital PR, unlike a lot of traditional forms of media has evolved into the role it currently plays within the marketing of businesses and has remained as one of the most popular ways to improve the relations between you and your customers/clients.

But you might be wondering what digital PR agency in Hampshire to choose. This decision is very important as it will impact the success of your business whether you’re a start-up or a business in need of a bit of extra marketing to get you back on the map and in people’s minds!

But what is Digital PR?

Digital PR, meaning digital public relations, has always been about just that, your business’ relations with the public and the media. It is now about more than that however. Digital PR now also benefits your SEO by providing your website with quality backlinks through digital press releases. Ever since Google implemented an algorithm titled Penguin into it’s search engine, websites that gain backlinks in a shady way get penalised in the search rankings. By releasing optimized, digital press releases on websites that are highly optimized themselves, you gain high quality backlinks that will help boost your website up the search rankings.

Your company’s Social Media will also benefit from Digital PR. This is because Digital PR allows for crisis management meaning that any issues that may be arising regarding the reputation of your brand can be picked up quickly on Social Media and addressed immediately using Digital PR. This combination of Social Media and Digital PR will prove to be vital for keeping your companies reputation clean.

Another benefit of Digital PR is content generation. Digital press releases also present an opportunity for your company to create blog posts and other content based around them. This combined with promotion on social media and other outlets will get your business seen like never before.

A lot of factors will impact the decision of what PR agency in Hampshire you go for including budget, location, who else the digital PR agency are working with, the size of the PR agency as well as the exact digital PR your business requires.

Create Click digital PR agency in Hampshire offer a high quality digital PR service. To find out more, visit our digital PR page or call us on 02392 876 030.

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