Why is Facebook Marketing so important?
Facebook appeals to a wide range of people of all ages and its database is now in excess of one billion active users. As a successful business owner – you’ll know it’s a valuable two-way communication channel between you and your prospective customers and extends your business presence on the web both locally and globally.

For local businesses, the important thing to remember is when someone likes your Facebook page, they are automatically advertising the fact to every single Facebook connection and advertising your business freely within their community!

If you want an advantage over your competition, we recommend you design and build a Facebook website or at least a bespoke welcome page in conjunction with your profile, and an email opt-in system to create leads.

A Facebook business page appears public in search engines, so you can link it from your website.

Having an email opt-in on your Facebook website, is the modern day equivalent of having a team of door to door salesmen working around the clock 24/7 for your business, ready to speak to prospective customers and give them a free gift at a moment’s notice.

And we haven’t even told you the best part about this welcome page yet…

YOUR Facebook website is shown to your customer when THEY are interested in YOUR business; they will simply go to your welcome page, enter their information and be kept up to date on your business. At Create Click, we believe that’s the goal of an effective marketing campaign!

We create successful Facebook marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your website, reinforce your brand while retaining corporate styles.
Create Click

Facebook marketing for businesses
Social media marketing including bespoke Facebook websites and Facebook landing pages is one of the most efficient marketing mediums. It’s also personable and has become a referral platform for networking with current, new and potential clients to increase brand exposure and expand possible referrals.

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