Good copywriting blends both enticing content and SEO-friendly keywords. This provides interesting content while also benefiting your search engine rankings. Copywriting can allow you to direct your audience to where you want them to go.

Create Click offers an accurate and customised copywriting service to ensure you have the unique content and branding we know you need.

We give our online clients exactly what they need, when they need it, and at an affordable price.

The success of your website depends on providing contents that is engaging and relevant:

Section and Design: Create Click copywriting company Hampshire will organise your website and break text into digestible chunks with subheads so your customers can quickly scan and find what they are looking for. Create Click will advise on imagery and headlines to sell your website.

Who, What, Where, When and Why?: Create Click will follow the newspaper style of writing and provide your customers with the important facts. Search engine algorithms have evolved and keywords stuffing is, no longer the only solution.

Hyperlinks: Hyperlinks provides your customers with more information without taking up space on your website. Create Click will make sure the browser stays on your website and not be whisked away to another site! Attribution is another good reason for hyperlinking – it is proven that the websites that hyperlink to other well-written and helpful sources will become invaluable and thus your customers will return time and time again.

Clear and Concise: It’s a fact that website word count should be 50% lower than traditional printed materials – avoiding procrastination, flowery long- winded language and complex lengthy sentences.

Say it with more than words: The appeal of the internet is its ability to mix all forms of information. This means the use of photos, graphics, videos and flash will grab the reader’s attention.

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