As a leading marketing agency in Portsmouth Create Click help develop businesses through effective marketing.
We help local and national companies attract new customers, increase sales and communicate more effectively. Starting with a companies business plan we look at what the business is looking to achieve, the market they are wishing to attract and their route to market.
When it comes to online and digital  marketing, specific knowledge of your industry or sector can prove to be vital.

This provides a multitude of ways in which good marketing can generate substantial rewards. However, due to the complexities of online marketing, employ the services of a poor marketing agency that doesn’t know what they are doing, and it will prove to be a futile waste of money.

The web is a complex market space, and therefore marketing online is even more complex. It is easy to spend money on ‘vanity’ rather than cold hard results. To many businesses pay for advertising that looks and sounds great, but without the rewards of actual business delivered to the business.

So once we have understood where you want to go, we will look at how we can get you there.

Based on our industry research and our years of online experience, this could include initial, or additional brand design, with logo creation and stationary designed around your corporate branding, to add that little something extra that can make the difference.

We also look at taking your company, product or service online with a specific website design.

This could be a brochure website, a content managed (CMS) website which allows you, the user to update the content yourself, or perhaps an Ecommerce website so that you sell online. In this day and age where everyone has some form of smart phone, we can also mobilise your website to work on these handheld devices.

Once your site is online we look at ways to drive traffic through Email- Marketing, creating and running your social presence along with running a SEO campaign.