How to stay ahead of your competitors in 2014

How to stay ahead of your marketing competitors in 2014

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We can define the marketing world as the world of ideas in which everyone wants to kill your idea or copy it. The people that used to create fresh ideas use to be the crazy people, those who are able to think outside the box in which most of businesses focus on. As technology can provide us practically everything instantly, the customers have started to demand everything right there and then. For this reason, we are no longer living in the “Era of New” but instead, the “Age of Now”.

The changes in the market are happening so quickly that the role of managers also needs to change in order to by one step ahead. We can see these changes by analysing what the manager’s role used to be and what the actions of successful CEO’s are right now. The common leader assesses 50% of the time, take decisions 30% of the time and executes 20% of the time. But now everything has changed and effective leaders and CEO’s of companies such as Facebook or Ebay assess 20% of the time, take decisions 10% of the time and execute 70% of the time.

The world’s business models do not require managers anymore. They require “surfers”, those people who take the wave, reach the top, descend and look for the next one. We do not need attention within our companies however we do need participation and we must ensure everyone gets involved with the project. Do not inform by just giving the data, try to inspire and touch the emotions & feelings of the team. Make them believe in the project. We need to finish telling stories and start sharing stories so the team gets involved. Stop looking for return in investment. Instead start looking for a return in involvement with your team and workers. The company must stop trying to pump markets and instead create movements that the clients would like to take part in.

It’s all about the language, the manager needs to transmit passion, inspiration and positive emotions to his or her team. Your actions reflect on your workers and your workers actions on your customers. I would modify the idea of putting the customer first and instead, put your front line of employees first as they are the people representing your company everyday. Focus on inspiring them and you will focus at the same time on the customer therefore creating great value and service.

And finally, in order to create an optimal idea I would say you must surprise with the obvious. As an example I would use a case in which NASA invested millions of dollars in creating a pen that works in space with the gravity and the Russian surprise by just using a standard pencil. Surprising with the obvious and simple things make the success guaranteed.

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